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Region Description

Updated Time:2023-02-06  Views:28799


Geography refers to the geographical area in which the data centre is located, usually by the region/city in which the data centre is located. For example, the Eastern US geography indicates that the region in which the data centre is located is Texas.

How to choose a territory

Note: You will need to select a deployment region when purchasing resources from this site, and you will not be able to change your region after a successful purchase.

You will need to consider the following factors when choosing a region.


The closer the user is to the location where the resource is deployed, the lower the network latency and the faster the access speed.

It is recommended that you choose your geography based on the latency requirements of your business scenario.

2. Intranet interoperability requirements when using multiple products

If your service does not require intranet interoperability, you can deploy it in a different geography or in the same geography.

If your service requires intranet interoperability, deploy it in the same availability zone.

3. Resource prices

Choose the right region for your budget.

Prices of resources may vary from region to region, please refer to the product details page or product purchase page on this site for pricing information.