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Storage Block Overview

Updated Time:2023-02-06  Views:28208

Block Storage is a block device product offered by VPS Hosting that features high performance and low latency, supports random reads and writes, and meets the data storage needs in most general business scenarios. You can format and create a file system to use block storage just as you would a physical hard drive.

Block Storage Type

This site offers a wide range of storage block products for your VPS Hosting, including cloud disk based on distributed storage architecture and local disk based on local hard disk of physical machine. Currently, only SSD and HDD type storage block products are available on this site, and more VPS Hosting products and storage block products will be accessed in the future.

SSD VPS Hosting

A high performance cloud drive product with stable high random read and write performance and high reliability.

HDD VPS Hosting

Provides local storage access to instances based on the local hard disk device on the physical machine (host) where the instance is located. It has the advantages of low latency, high random IOPS, high throughput and high cost performance.

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