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Our platform provides User-friendly domain management and integrate protection with comprehensice security.

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Price Overview

What Is External Domain Push?

External Domain Push allows you to request the transfer of your domain to our site's account from your current registrar. Your current registrar will then facilitate the transfer to our site, enabling you to manage and transact with the domain. Typically, External Domain Push processes are completed within a day, providing a convenient and cost-effective option - your best choice!

Why Choose Domain Push on Our Site?

  • Intelligent Domain Resolution

    Our site offers free domain resolution, effectively countering DDOS attacks.

  • Convenient Management

    Enjoy a user-friendly management interface for smooth and swift operations.

  • Good Price Ratio

    Access top-notch products and services at the lowest prices.

External Domain Push Processes

  • Domain Verification

    Select your registrar, provide your registrar account and domain details, and our system will check if the domain is eligible for a PUSH to our site.

  • Confirm Payment

    Review your submitted domain and the total amount, then confirm the payment.

  • Initiate Domain Push

    Request the corresponding registrar account from the site and push your domain to our account for a nominal fee of $0. Then, click on 'I have already PUSH' in your PUSH in list.

  • Successful Push

    Once we receive your push request, we'll process it, and your domain will be automatically pushed to our site!

Additional Information

Please Notes
  • 01

    Please avoid clicking 'transfer lock' before requesting PUSH; as it may restrict the domain from making transactions or transfer out.

  • 02

    Ensure the consistency of your domain from existing registrar to push-in domain list in order to avoid failure.

  • 03

    Always confirm our site's registrar account before pushing, and avoid pushing to other accounts to prevent unnecessary risks.

  • 04

    Confirm that your pushed-in domains are managed and used in accordance with legal requirements, as you will be responsible for the legal consequences of all actions.

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